Comedera in Spain

One of the countries where it is best eaten in the world is in Spain.

Its traditional flavors, its latest avant-garde cuisine and the arrival of ingredients and recipes from the hand of the thousands of immigrants from all over the world make Spain one of the best gastronomic destinations on planet earth.

cocido madrileño

On any street in Madrid you can sit down to enjoy some broken eggs with chorizo, a paella, a Peruvian ceviche, a Chinese rice, sushi, Moroccan, Vietnamese, Thai, pizza, Tony Roma's , Galician empanadas, arepas, tequeños, tortillas in a thousand different versions, calamari in their ink, kebabs, hot dogs ... practically what you want and it does not matter the place, the safest thing is that you eat well.

If you visit Barcelona, ​​the same thing will happen to you, except that you will not be given food there when you order a beer.

Andalucía, Galicia, the Basque Country, in each region you can go crazy trying to choose where to eat.


At Comedera.Com we are fans of Spanish gastronomy. We firmly believe that this terroir is a good center of operations, a magnificent place from which to continue talking about what we like to do most in life.

From this moment on, Comedera.Com > installs in Spain.