Square’s Latest Investment and Partnership: Small Coffee Shop Owners and Employees Speak Out

When Square, the mobile payment company, announced its latest investment and partnership with Starbucks, it sent ripples through the small business community. Many small coffee shop owners and employees were left wondering what this could mean for their businesses. Would this partnership make Square more focused on large corporations, leaving small businesses behind? Or would it bring benefits to all businesses, regardless of size? We spoke to several small coffee shop owners and employees to get their take on this development.

Understanding the Partnership

Before diving into the reactions, it’s important to understand what this partnership entails. Starbucks has invested million in Square and will use Square’s payment technology in its stores. This means that customers can pay using their mobile phones, making transactions faster and more convenient. Additionally, Starbucks’ CEO, Howard Schultz, has joined Square’s board of directors.

Reactions from Small Coffee Shop Owners

Many small coffee shop owners have expressed mixed feelings about the partnership. Some see it as a positive development, believing that it will bring more attention and credibility to Square, which could benefit all businesses that use its services.

  • “I think it’s a good thing,” said John, owner of a small coffee shop in San Francisco. “It shows that Square is a serious player in the payment industry. This could lead to more people using Square, which would be good for my business.”

  • However, others are more skeptical. “I’m worried that Square will start focusing more on big businesses like Starbucks and less on small businesses like mine,” said Lisa, a coffee shop owner in New York. “I hope that’s not the case.”

Reactions from Employees

Employees at small coffee shops also have their own views on the partnership. Many are excited about the potential for faster and more convenient transactions.

  • “I think it’s great,” said Sarah, a barista at a small coffee shop in Seattle. “Anything that makes transactions faster and easier is a win in my book.”

  • Others, however, are concerned about potential job losses. “If transactions become too automated, I worry that there will be less need for baristas like me,” said Tom, a barista in Boston.


In conclusion, the reactions to Square’s partnership with Starbucks are mixed. While some see it as a positive development that could bring more attention and credibility to Square, others are concerned that it could lead to Square focusing more on large corporations and less on small businesses. Only time will tell what the true impact of this partnership will be.