Asian food in Vienna: the guide you did not expect

Vienna is a wonderful city, elegant, orderly, full of history and delicious gastronomy ... a gastronomy .... Asian ... delicious.

Visiting the Austrian capital and not eating in the "Pakistanis where you pay what you want" is not having visited.

Walking the streets of this beautiful city, Feel it, understand it and live it is not the same if you do not have a 4 euro Doner Kebab in your hand.

The Asian food options in Vienna range from cheap, Japanese buffete where they also serve Thai food (? ), kebabs by the ton, cheap Indian food, incredible Pakistanis and Vietnamese with unforgettable soups.

Are you visiting Vienna? Do you want to know what to eat in Vienna other than Schnitzel, sausage or potatoes? Do you think that the "sachertorte" is expensive and overvalued? Are you obsessed with Asian food like me? Keep reading.

Chinese all you can eat

At the Praterster metro/train station (Lines U1 and U2) there is a Chinese restaurant (where they also prepare sushi) called" Green Asia "whose buffete all you can eat is worth 6 euros without a drink. It has several options among which stand out the noodles, the vegetables and the duck.

Ignore the rice, it is horrible.

The Japanese

In Vienna there are several Japanese restaurants, or Chinese/Thai restaurants where there is also sushi. Actually they would be like "Asian restaurants" where there is a bit of everything.

On Gudrunstasse street, near the Keplerplatz metro (line U1) there is one called "Sakura" where you can savor some nice ramen soups, dishes of noodles and of course, sushi.

Those who attend only speak Japanese and German, if you do not know any of these languages, go with someone who knows them or points to whatever you want from the menu./p>

The unforgettable Vietnamese

If you are near the center of Vienna, this place is a highly recommended visit.

Vietnamese food revolves around soups. Large plates of broth with rice noodles, meat and wonderful spices.

In this place, called "Pho Saigon", you can try Pho soups of very good quality. The most recommended is the Bun Bo Hue , which is beef and is spicy, so be careful.

If you prefer, you can order a menu of the day for 8 euros that they are also very, very good.

It is located at Hegelgasse 17, near Karlzplatz

Turks Turkys

Turkish food is cheap, delicious and leaves you with a full and happy stomach. If you like kebabs and durums, I recommend you visit "Turkys", located on Favoritenstrasse, very close to the metro station Reumannplatz, line 1.

For 10 euros you can eat a huge plate of kebab of lamb with basmati rice, salad and yogurt. For 7 euros an unforgettable durum.

Cheap Indian food

In the Schottenfeld area, a short distance from the Burgasse underground station U6, on the street wimbergergasse 5, is in Prosi, a supermarket of exotic products where You can buy ingredients from various African and Asian countries. But in addition to this, the place has a small Indian restaurant, with no more than 6 tables and a simple and very economic menu.

The food is quite simple, spicy and delicious.It is called "Der Wiener Deewan", it is a Pakistani food restaurant (which is very similar to the Hindu one) which is located in Liechtensteinstraße 10, near the Schottentor metro station of line U2.

The particularity of this place is that the food is buffet style and you can serve yourself as many times as you want, it does not have a stipulated price, simply when you leave, you pay what you consider. That is, you can pay 1 euro for what you ate, because you thought that is what it is worth or you can pay 10 euros, however, you choose the price. Just do not expect them to smile at you if you pay too little.

In addition, the quality of the food is excellent.

The menu usually includes 2 meat curries (1 chicken, 1 veal), 3 vegetables, basmati rice, salad, naan bread, and sauces.

The water is free and drinks are paid separately.

And more ...

Of course in Vienna has many other Asian options, Chinese restaurants in the center, Asian fastfood chains that prepare you in a wok at the moment, Doner Kebabs spread around the city and some other Hindus that this server did not get to visit.

The truth is that, if you're tired of eating sausages, potatoes, Goulash and other typical Austrian dishes, the Asian options are plentiful, cheap and they will not disappoint you.

Please, if you know more Asian food places in Vienna, share them in the comments.