40 Spanish cooking blogs that you can not miss

Making a list of Spanish cooking blogs is a complicated task. It is a huge universe where you can get practically what you want.

From very sober, serious websites, bordering almost boring, gastronomic blogs full of genius that causes reading from the first to the last letter.

In Spain the proliferation of cooking blogs in recent years has been impressive, and of course, there is amazing material that is worth being disclosed.

This post has a list of the best cooking blogs that , in my opinion, are essential for all those people who, like me, are food fans.

You will get from how to prepare delicious desserts, daily dishes from the hands of incredible chefs, to specialized content, for example: a blog that speaks only of sauces, another that has old recipes, or one that has more than 50 recipes of different pizzas. There are also websites for coeliacs and people with lactose intolerance. In short, gastronomy blogs for all tastes.

(The order in which I put them is random)

1-Recipes without lactose

This blog specializes in, as its name says, recipes for people with lactose intolerance. Very, very useful.

2-Healthy Desserts

Recipes of delicious and healthy desserts for those who care about their figure.

3-Gastro Andalusí

Blog of family recipes of an Andalusian girl.

4-Cooking among olive trees

All recipes on this blog have one ingredient in common: olive oil.


Tiby is a Venezuelan girl who lives in Guadalajara with her rocker husband and 3 wonderful dogs. She loves to invent recipes and, although her blog is not strictly cooking, she has a section dedicated to the topic that will leave you speechless ... of hunger.

6-Lola in the kitchen

Varied and delicious recipes.

7-El Comidista ​​h3>

One of the most popular cooking blogs in Spain. They talk about recipes, restaurants and lots of things related to eating.

8-Carmina in the kitchen

Blog of a fanatical andalusia virgin olive oil, or as she calls it ,, your "fetish ingredient".

9-What I like to cook is

Alicia is a granaína who lives in Milan. He loves Italian cuisine and has recipes a-lu-ci-nan-te.

10-Kwan Homsai

A blog made by Kwan, a Thai girl who loves Share the recipes of your native country. Highly recommended for lovers of Asian food.

11-Umami Madrid

Iñigo Aguirre takes care of this exquisite blog dedicated to Asian delights. Aside from recipes, the author gives courses of Asian food.

12-With a pair of chilli peppers

With a pair of chilli peppers is a blog of recipes and trips led by Captain Rábano . Here you can get from how to make a cucumber tartar to restaurant reviews in different cities of Spain.

13-The eating place

Rafa and Carlos talk about the best places to eat in Madrid. Fashion restaurants, tapas, international cuisine and everything related to gastronomy in the Spanish capital.

14-Webos Fritos

Webos fritos is an epic, legendary, famous blog. Many recipes but also useful information of kitchen utensils and some gastronomic recommendations around the world.

15-Sauces of life

Sauces, sauces, more sauces, many sauces!

16-The amateur kitchen

Carmelo has very good taste for cooking. You can see it in the large number of recipes he prepares on his blog, which also has good photos.Ivana has a lot of great recipes with an emphasis on sweetness.

18-Japanese eating

I'm a fan of this blog. This website is a must for all those who want to learn about Japanese cuisine in Spain. And well, the recipe section is beautiful.

19- In the mood for food

Recipes, restaurants and gastronomic curiosities of a food photographer and stylist from Barcelona.

20-One of Two

Many desserts and some salty dishes. A blog that has won several awards and has some wonderful photos.

21-Cooking with Little

Already the name tells you what this recipe blog is about. Ideas to prepare simple and delicious dishes without spending much. It has a section of recipes without gluten very useful for those interested.

22-Anita Cocinitas

Recipes several, delicious and well explained.

23-Lazy Blog

Another one of those cooking blogs that are already a reference on the web. Many recipes, full of photos and clear explanations on how to prepare them.

24- In a thousand battles

Between recipe and recipe, Maria also tells you about what books she is reading. This web fills you: the stomach and the mind.

25-Pepa Cooks

Tons of recipes of all kinds in a blog that for years is part of the "indispensable" of gastronomy.

26-Cooking for 2

Belén makes this blog with homemade recipes designed to feed 2 people.

27-2 tangerines in my kitchen

In Beatriz's blog you can find many healthy recipes for everyday life, a handful of recipes from different parts of the world, and many, many homemade recipes of those day to day.

28-Walk without gluten

Blog super recommended for people suffering from celiac disease. Apart from having many gluten-free recipes, there is a "celiac-friendly" restaurant section.

29- SofyLeon Recipes

Sofia is from León, and her blog is full of recipes delicious from everywhere (not only from León).


Ana Vega is the girl from Bilbao (is it written like that?) in command of this incredible blog. The specialty? Desserts and old recipes, yes, there is medieval gastronomy and stories of dishes and ingredients. This blog is a MUST.

31-Family kitchen

Javier Romero is a true fan of the kitchen, he publishes recipes every day, sometimes more than one a day. One of the most active cooking blogs I've seen.

32-The cookie monster

You can actually get cookie recipes on this blog, but also from another type of sweet and salty dishes. It is a blog with a history and very pleasant reading.

33-The faithful chef

Another of these websites that today are a reference in the world of blogs Spanish cuisine.

34-Garbancita ​​h3>

Cooking recipes, restaurant reviews, news and gastronomic discussions in general, by a blond girl from Pamplona called Cristina.

35-Doctor Death

Atypical but great name for a gastronomy blog. There are recipes, gastronomic reflections and a lot of sincerity when speaking.Really?

What are your favorite cooking blogs? Tell us!