15 little-known Spanish dishes that are better than paella

The paella is wonderful, it is beautiful, we all love it and we are fans of it. It is one of the most famous dishes in Spain, possibly the most, many people travel to the Iberian country exclusively to eat it. It's worth it.

But you know what? It is not the only Spanish dish that exists. Yes, of course, there is the omelette, the patatas bravas, the squid in its ink, Galician octopus, cod in Biscay, etc. But hey! There are more delicacies in Spanish cuisine that are worth trying. Some are incredible, some are unforgettable.

They may not be as well-known as the aforementioned queen of meals, but the dishes you'll read on this list are equally magnificent and many of them even more delicious than the paella.

Of course, it is possible that you have to take a road or train to try them at their best.

15 Spanish dishes that are better than paella

El cocido montañés

I was recently in Cantabria with the main mission of eating Cocido Montañés, I made it and I fell in love with this region (and this dish). It is a delight, ideal for rainy days, cold and wet.

It is made with white beans, sausage and chorizo ​​from the region, bacon and cabbage.

Fabes with clams

Fabes are that bean white with which they make the Asturian fabada. Now imagine mixing that grain with clams freshly taken from the Cantabrian Sea. Beautiful truth?

Photo: By Daniel Julià Lundgren, via Wikimedia Commons

Los torreznos

Grab a piece of bacon, fry it in deep oil until it becomes crispy (the so-called chicharrón), eat it accompanied by a cane. Repeat this process over and over again. Then go to the gym.

The revolconas potatoes

This dish is one of those delights whose magic comes from its simplicity: mashed potatoes mixed with paprika, preferably from the vera, and chorizo, or bacon, or torreznos (read above). You fall in love.

Beans to the Uncle Lucas

White beans, a lot of oil and bacon are the main ingredients of this recipe invented by Uncle Lucas, a character who in the remote past had a tavern in the center of Madrid and apparently , was popular in the area.

It is a simple, but forceful dish that has been losing space in the taverns of Madrid. So if you see it in a letter, ask for it! It will not disappear.

Photo and recipe: loliestevez.blogspot.com

Eggs in the Navarre (Carlist eggs)

As its name says, it's a dish from Navarra. Its preparation is superb: fried eggs that are coated in béchamel sauce, breaded and fried again.

Photo and recipe: la-cocina-paso-a-paso

Pot rotten

Go! Before you get scared with the name, keep reading.

It is a stew of those unforgettable, made with red beans, blood sausage, chorizo ​​and any smoked stuff available (ears, ribs, bacon).It is a plate to eat as an entrance, or why not, to chop a piece for dinner. Its simplicity makes it wonderful.

The red beans in any way

Red beans with chorizo, with pork legs, in a restaurant in Asturias, León, La Rioja, in the house of the grandmother, in a Aunt, of the mother-in-law, no matter where or in what style, they are always perfect. Love them with madness, they deserve it.

Hornazo de Salamanca

This cake, or empanada salamanquino (is it said that way?) Is an absolute glory, it is filled with delicious things that we all love: loin, chorizo, ham ...

Photo and recipe: jolineeses.blogspot.com.es

Fish Kokotxas

La The best fish meat is the one in the head. The "cococha" is just the meat that is behind the gills and a good lover of food knows that this meat is an orgasm.

In green sauce? Perfection.

Photo and recipe: entrecolycollechuga.blogspot.com

Callos a la andaluza

In the south of Spain know how to make people happy, the Andalusian calluses are the perfect proof of that.

Recipe and photos: http://cuinaamblamestressa.blogspot.com


Funny name for a delicious dish that is ideally prepared when the snow falls and it's cold. Its ingredients are mashed potatoes, shredded cod, garlic, olive oil and nuts and hard boiled eggs.

Photo and recipe: mercadocalabajio.com

Porrusalda de Bacalao

Another dish whose simplicity is everything. Leeks, potatoes and cod. Once the meal of poor fishermen, nowadays it is a delicacy for those who have a good palate. Oh, Basque Country, thank you for your seafood and your recipes.

Rice with rabbit and snails

It's not paella, it does not look like it either. It is a typical dish of Murcia whose two main ingredients are, correct: rabbit and snails. Absolute delight.

Photo: By Cehegin4u, via Wikimedia Commons

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